Wednesday, November 3, 2010

dsr011 & dsr013 test pressings

Just received the test pressings for dsr011 and dsr013 today!
dsr011 is a split 7" single between two great Portland bands, Soft Metals and Jewels Of The Nile. They are both covering classic tracks from the early 80s. Soft Metals is doing Hot on On The Heels Of Love of Throbbing Gristle while Jewels Of The Nile covered Deathwish of the infamous Christian Death. The artwork will soon be delivered and the single will be ready to pre-order in a few days.
dsr013 is //TENSE// new EP. Cut on a sexy 10" it contains 6 atmospheric tracks that prove that the Houston band is not only an EBM beats machine. It will be pressed on colored vinyl and available in a limited edition of 300 copies only with a coupon to download the mp3 version.

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