Tuesday, November 23, 2010

You Animals free download

Glad to be finally release Crimes, Creeps & Thrills, the debut album by UK indie band You Animals. It will be released in continental Europe by desire in February 2011.
To celebrate this news You Animals and desire will give you a free download of What You Want/What You Need.

Ryan of You Animals wrote this little message:
"To give you a taster of our forthcoming debut album Crimes, Creeps & Thrills, we’re giving away a track for you to download, absolutely freefreefree!
You can listen to What You Want/What You Need on the dinky little player above and if you like it enough to want to call your own, click on the little arrow and stick your name when requested and you can download the mp3 to do with as you wish (it’s high-quality, naturally!).

What You Want/What You Need is track 2 from Crimes… and to me is kinda summed up something like this: drums, arguments, triumphant school kids, The Faraway Tree, that keyboard bit reminds me of the cardiacs, loneliness, grappling guitars, ooh is that almost a solo? No, phew! Gang vocals, there’s those drums again, end. Its basically a song about sorting your brain out after a rough old time and is a little bit happy and a little bit sad. Like all the best pop music is!
Crimes, Creeps & Thrills will be out spring 2011 on ThisisfakeDIY Records in the UK and Desire Records throughout the rest of Europe and was recorded at Snug Studios in our hometown of Derby, with additional sessions in Leeds with Whiskas (iForwardRussia!) and Paul Draper (Mansun)

Oh and while you’re here, don’t forget to check out the video as well! It was directed by Mark Duggan (the chap behind the Halfway to Heartbreakand Shotgun Valentine vids), we love it and we’re sure you will too.


More infos very soon.

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