Sunday, January 2, 2011

//TENSE// Memory+

After the success of the vinyl edition (only 30 copies left) Memory, the first full length by Houston EBM act //TENSE//, finally gets the cassette treatment. This very limited edition cassette (pro-dubbed, 75 copies only), called Memory+, contains the full album on the A side and 7 exclusive and unreleased remixes on the B side by Soft Metals, White Car, T. Grave (Blessure Grave, Soft Kills, Group Hex), Death In Plains, Kris Komakino (Project:Komakino, Opus), NTRSN. Black printed on thick black paper, cream case, white tape.
Act fast!

side A
1 - Work Hard Short Life
2 - Sin Realite
3 - Perpetual Swim
4 - Mine Too
5 - Lost Race
6 - Empty Handed
7 - The Visitor
8 - Lead Head
9 - Living Dream
10 - Rapid Pulse

side B
1 - Work Hard Short Life (White Car Ephemeral Employment Mix)
2 - Sin Realite (DEATH IN PLAINs Remix)
3 - Mine Too (Soft Metals Remix Version 2)
4 - Work Hard Short Life (Don't Do it Remix by T. Grave)
5 - Perpetual Swim (Perpetual Sinking Remix by T. Grave)
6 - Work Hard Short Life (NTRSN Remix)
7 - Sin Realite (Real Sin Remix - Kris Komakino)

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