Sunday, July 25, 2010

LOOM 11 by Elon Katz

The journey into nostalgia is deep and barren. There is no reason in nostalgia, it is not forgiving, and it detriments the weaker minded peons of taste and life. The single 'Artifacts' investigates nostalgia by narrating a story of love lost through a musical aesthetic that the creator, Elon Katz, is too young to have experienced in any genuine cultural capacity. The artist's indecision of nostalgia, be it personal or cultural, is played out with intentionally derivative electro-EBM and industrial motifs peppering in the melodic feeling of a depressing new wave track. LOOM 11 is an exercise into the depths of psyche and nostalgia in which the Chicago based industrial funk duo White Car subverts their identity into a more ardent and abrasive form. The restraint so carefully conducted in the mainstay of White Car is banished from LOOM 11. Instead, 'Artifacts' charges forward at relentless pace creating a new future for the not too distant past, saturating old memories into new entities.

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